Help End Breast Cancer

Baton Rouge, LA  –  Sibley Entertainment Company, LLC announced its campaign to raise donations for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation earlier this week.  Bayou Babes, a subsidiary of Sibley Entertainment, will permanently donate a portion of its profits to the BCRF throughout the year.  Sibley Entertainment will match any donation by anyone through our website(s).  Each year during the month of October, Bayou Babes will donate all of its profits to the BCRF.  Anyone donating $50 or more, will receive a gift of their choice.  The gifts are Monthly Membership, any 8×12 print, any poster, or any calendar.  We thank you for your support!

Help End Breast Cancer

Letter from the Chairman:

Hello all!

Last week was a difficult week for me.  Someone close to me was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  All of these years we’ve spent thousands of dollars enlarging our collection of topless photos.  Its never even crossed my mind to donate a piece of the pie to the women who are fighting to keep what we men treasure.  Some people will say this is simply a stunt for good publicity.  I can assure everyone that this campaign is close to home for me.  I just cannot with good conscience continue to spend tens of thousands of dollars on photos while a loved one fights the awful disease.

Mike Sibley

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