Complete site overhaul announced for Baton Rouge, LA  –  On Friday July 26, 2019 Sibley Entertainment Company, LLC announced a complete overhaul of its most popular website,  In an effort to improve the speed and functionality, 90% of the public version of the website will be removed.  The website will no longer sell printed merchandise to the public.  Members of the website will still be able to purchase prints in the members area at discounted prices.  Members will notice a wide variety of added features to improve their experience.

motivate Member Enhancements:

  • Notices: You’ll begin receiving important information once you log in.
  • Real Time Alerts: You’ll be alerted in real time if new content is added, or if we have important information.
  • Groups: Members will be able to create and join groups around shared topics, interests etc.
  • Social Platform: Members will be able to create public wall posts & see the activity of other users (if allowed).
  • Online: We’ll display online users on the site so users can see who is online.
  • Bookmarking: Members can easily bookmark content from the website.
  • Friends: Members will have the option to allow other members to become their friend.
  • myCred: We will integrate myCred into the members system (level up reputation for likes, ratings, posts, etc.)
  • Photos: You asked to be able to upload your photos as your Avatar and Profile Photos.  Now you will be able to do that.
  • Instagram: Allow members to show their Instagram photos on their profile.
  • Social Log In: We’ll let users register & login to the site via Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, and several others.
  • Followers: Members will now be able to follow each other.
  • Private Messages: Members will now be able to send private messages to each other, to admins, and management.
  • Rating System: Members will now be able to rate & review each other using a 5 star rate/review system.
  • Member Tags: Members will now be able to tag members in comments, posts, and in the forum. Overall Enhancements:

  • Submission System – Models and photographers will now be allowed to submit photos/videos for publication directly through the website.  Paying members of the website will vote to determine which sets are published each month.  The submitter will sign the appropriate paperwork, and be paid up to $1o00 if chosen.
  • Webcam – A section will be added where models can go live to the members section on specific days.  Members will be able to view this cam with a regular Bayou Babes Membership.  Models will make their money from Tips through Bayou Bucks (Bayou Babes Website Currency).  Bayou Bucks can be loaded through your wallet in your account.
  • Members Shop – A new members shop will be created.  The shop will contain autographed items, worn items from photo shoots, and other premium items. direct The website will be launched Saturday August 17, 2019 at Noon CST.  The website will likely be down for several hours the morning of August 17th. We’re constantly working to improve our website for our customers/members.

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