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We welcome Victoria Lace to our team as the new Director of Scouting & Talent Management. Victoria will begin her new role on Wednesday April 17, 2019. Victoria will be the company representative that will manage  past, present, and future models. Victoria will also now handle our social media accounts. She’s well connected in the

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Today we welcome aboard Carolyn M. as the Senior Executive Vice President of Asset & Risk Management.  She will help identify and mitigate risks posed throughout the company, as well as protect company assets.  She’ll be hands on when it comes to photo shoots and managing personnel.  She’ll be front and center connecting with models,

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Merry Christmas everyone! We just wanted to put out a statement regarding www.bayoubabes.com and www.bayou-babes.com. We’ll be adding a Secure Sockets Layer Certificate (SSL Certificate) today. We’ll be migrating from HTTP to HTTPS. You may notice that you’re already being redirected to HTTPS, but are having issues getting to the site. Its going to take

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Do you know if you’re legally posting your photographs?  Many models and photographers are vulnerable to prosecution for not complying with 18 U.S.C 2257.  This statute stipulates that any photograph or video made available in commerce must display the 18 U.S.C. 2257 notice notifying the Government where they can find the records proving all models

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Baton Rouge, LA – Today Bayou Babes reached agreements with Florida based photographer Jeston Brandon Photography (@perfectlyflawlessphoto), and Maryland based HM Photography (@hmphotography_69) to shoot the March 2019 photo shoot in New Providence, The Bahama’s.  The final details are still undecided.  The tentative date for this photo shoot is March 11 through March 14.  Six